February 2020
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About Judith Mallard’s Blog

This is my playground. Where I let my soul breath.

I feel as if creativity is our link to this amazing universe – this gem we call “life”. It connects us to everything and everyone.

And never doubt – we all connect for a reason.

I remember reading a book by Dr. Rudy Tanzi and Deepak Chopra, called The Super Brain. I was so moved by its contents that I had to immediately email Dr. Tanzi to tell him how much I felt inspired by it.

Needless to say, I  was very happy when he responded to my email and offered up a little bit of advice. When I told him that I had several folders on my desktop of book projects that never got completed, he told me that I had to finish them because “they are your legacy”.

So this blog is my way of beginning the journey to my legacy. I hope to utilize this space for two of my hobbies. One is writing and one is a combination of photography and creative expression through design.

I hope over the days and even years to come – this blog will flourish and grow in ways that I cannot even imagine at this point and time.


My First Creative Writing Project:

Will be Part one of my Memoirs – which I hope to self-publish in Winter 2019. Part two – called “When Dreams are Broken” is the sequel to The Match Still Burns and will talk about the journey back to write my Memoirs and where I am today.

My Thoughts after completing my First Creative Writing Course:

In late 2017, I enrolled in my first course of the Creative Writing Certificate program at the University of Toronto.

In that very first course it was reaffirmed for me that I was walking on a path that I was meant to walk upon. There with 7 amazonian women I sat in a tiny class and listened intently as we exchanged our most intimate stories. It was overwhelming at times but inspiring and motivational at every turn.

When I was voted to read to the assembly of students from several of the writing workshops my beautiful instructor introduced me as such “Judith came to us on Monday with a couple of excerpts from a blog and then walked in on Wednesday with her Memoirs” – all of which I have to say was made possible by the support and inspiration of those women gathered in that class.

As I mentioned, this is a difficult journey for me, but also a necessary one and I want to thank every single one of you from the bottom of my heart and the breadth of my soul, for coming  along with me.

with love & laughter,

And for anyone who visits my page and takes the time to navigate through my story – you have my sincerest appreciation for keeping me company.

Namaste 🙂