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I wanted to create a venue within my website for new authors to help showcase their upcoming books and writing adventures. One of the many amazing things the writing community is teaching me, is the importance and beauty behind connecting with and supporting others. I truly do believe in #strongertogether we write books so that others can read. We read what others have written and we are moved and inspired. Writing is an energy movement. The more energy the stronger the movement. So let’s keep supporting and motivating each other.

Let that be your legacy – that you cared!


NOTE: There is one catch though. Any Author or Writer that I profile I want them to offer up what I affectionately like to call #3Bits – And what that refers to is I want each writer to offer up 3 Bits of information to our readers. It could be 3 guiding words – 3 sentences – there are no rules to the actual content – just to the numerical offering of #3Bits – 3 tiny morsels of sage advice to aspiring writers everywhere.