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mother nature's little children

It’s the simple things…

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My Caterpillar Story

the American Dagger Moth Acronicta americana

Acronicta americana American Dagger Moth
Acronicta americana
“does this concrete make me look fat”

Ok. So jokes on me. Yesterday I was outside fretting about a caterpillar 🐛 lying helplessly vulnerable on the cold barren concrete step. It’s common knowledge by now that I’m a hopeless romantic when it comes to Mother Nature and all her little creatures.

My 1st attempt at “rescuing” her from potential predators was to carefully place her in a flower pot while balancing her furry little body on a thin slab of stone. This, however, was not very successful as you can see by her hasty escape. But still being fully committed to the rescue at this point and time, I then plopped her down below the towering concrete steps into a voluptuous array of flowering plants. That was it, my job was done. I was a hero 🤔

Within 24 hours this is who showed up right back on the front step. Now how the heck did she get back up there. That had to be quite the trek for her short stubby little legs.

My goodness, what resilience and determination in one scruffy little caterpillar.

So after several minutes of deep and at times heated consultations “we” finally agreed on a compromise. She could stay on the concrete steps but she had to accept some form of leafy camouflage – which involved a much juicier hibiscus leaf.

Sitting peacefully on my front porch with my new found friend, I figured out why the little bugger wasn’t fearful of being gobbled up at all with the help of Mr. Google. It seems the birdies and other critters in the neighborhood were well aware that my bright little yellow needle sticking out caterpillar was no other than a poisonous (only mildly I think 🤔) Acronicta Americana – American Dagger Moth.

Yup. Jokes on me 🦋 I do not think that Cati P was scared at all. (I had to give her a stage name for her international online debut)

Cati P’s internet debut

And now she is officially verified and there’s even talk of getting her an agent. 🤔

But it’s like I said…it’s the little things that can make your day. You just have to keep your eyes and your heart open.

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My Beautiful St. Kitts

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She is beautiful, this tropical island of paradise. St. Kitts and Nevis, proudly sitting between the all encompassing Atlantic Ocean and the never ending Caribbean Sea. 

For me, the beauty of this tropical oasis is not just in the lushness of her rich landscapes. The true beauty of St. Kitts, is in her people. It is the people who define this island gem and paradise of sun and sand. The ones that smile when they see you and instantly wrap you in their warm embrace. Never forgetting your many previous trips and always welcoming the newbies on the block.

Awesome Marriott Resort Team and Customer Service


They graciously accept and most definitely deserve your respect and they will give it back to you in abundance. You are a guest on their Island. Never lose sight of that. This is their home and not just a tourist getaway. You will see that pride and passion if you truly look, with both your heart and your eyes.  Try to understand this and give out what you yourself hope to receive.

st. kitts and nevis caribbean island getaway


She is still discovering her purpose, this beautiful little paradise, both the island itself and those who call her home. Times have changed and everyone is learning. And that’s ok. For life is truly about the journey, or at least it should be, each and every precious moment. So be patient with her too. 

Walk gleefully upon her earthen beauty, breathe deeply her cleansing air and know without a doubt that whenever you gaze out upon her majestic hills and mesmerizing ocean views, you will never feel more alive, or more grounded.

This is my St. Kitts.

 © 2017 Judith Mallard

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