When Dreams Are Broken – Non-Fiction

ALS, illness

Part II of my memoirs – the sequel to The Match Still Burns

This book will talk about my adventures on the “mainland” and how the journey back with The Match Still Burns played such a pivotal role in creating new dreams.

When Dreams Are Broken – A Memoir

Chapter 2 – My Little Blue Bikini

I remember thinking one day, there must have been some good childhood memories. It couldn’t all have been bad, could it?

And then I remembered that precocious blue-eyed little girl in her pretty blue bikini.

There I was, 1966 all of five years old. I had just gotten a brand new bikini. I don’t really remember who gave it to me that day, was it the babysitter, my mother perhaps – I’m not really sure.  Part of me hopes it was my mother, that maybe even through her own tormented life, perhaps she did feel love for me but just didn’t know how to show it.

As soon as I put it on that day, I felt like a fairy princess and I was beautiful like one too.

I couldn’t wait to go show it to my best friend Lee who lived only a hop, skip and a jump away from me. She lived in the very last house on the same side of the street with long winding steps reaching up forever into this awesome tree house – or at least I think it was a tree house, it sure looked like one to me.

But on this particular day, I was on a mission. Armed with an unwavering determination, I sprung from my door, graceful as a butterfly, with one hand perched purposely on my chubby little hip.

I did not walk down that laneway on that sunny summer day. Oh no…I fluttered, I sauntered and I sashayed – swinging my little bum left to right and right to left, I was a young goddess in the making.

The smile on my face stretched from ear to ear – I was about to show the world my spanking new blue bikini and the excitement was almost too much to bear.

Climbing up the winding staircase of Lee’s house, I yelled out to her to come see the latest in my fashion trending attire, screaming at the top of my lungs, “Lee come see, come see what I got”.

Within seconds, Lee’s grandmother came bursting out through the screen door, looking quite worried and frazzled.

“What’s all the fuss, what’s going on,” Mrs. Picco said, looking around to see if someone was hurting yet another one of her babies. Mrs. Picco was always so nice to me. I really liked her as she made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.  Sometimes I would even pretend that she was my mom too.

“Look at my new bikini Mrs. Picco” I said, my face and eyes beaming with pride. I honestly do not think I could stretch my mouth any further.

June 2022