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And Death Will Lose.

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Death and Dying, Bereavement, Loss, Hope

Life. Death.

I wrestle with this. A lot these days.
Especially the death part.
And not out of any morbid


I try not to think of what if,

what if it has all been in vain?
I want Him, It or Someone to tell me,
tell me it’s going to be ok.
He, It, Someone hasn’t done that yet,

or have They?

Then one day, I get a call.

She fought a brave battle.
Your heart sinks.
The pain. The confusion.
This fear that you feel inside.
You can’t see it. You can’t touch it.
At times you can’t even describe it.
But you know it’s there.

You stumble around in the dark,
this maze of broken glass.
Every turn, every step

more painful, than the last.

We try to help each other.
Whispered collections
of jumbled thoughts,

meaningless words.

I think, I hope. I pray. Still.
Maybe I can wear it down,
this albatross of affliction,

this Specter of Death.

Its mere mention makes my skin crawl.

The confusion, the fear,
as I stand on this precipice,
of death and dying.

Would I change it?

Knowing what I know, would
I take it back. Would I press pause,
rewind – or even delete?

just wipe it all out.

Take away the memories,
her memories, her love,
my pain?

Would I give it all back?

I wouldn’t, I couldn’t.
I would rather choose the pain,
than the loss of all memories,

the loss of “having.”

And therein lies the secret
of who will win this race
of David and Goliath,
of Life and Death,

the fear we fight in spite.

Because, if you choose love,
every single time,
even when you’re hurting,

then death will lose.

© 2019 Judith Mallard

September 2023