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Missing Pictures. Do You Know Me? 

I am writing a memoir of growing up in Newfoundland as a ward of children services and I am looking for assistance in helping me to compile pictures for a photo section within my book. My purpose in placing this ad is in the hopes that people who may have grown up around me or went to school with me may have pictures that I could use.

One of the pictures included here was actually a picture that I found posted on Facebook one day when someone from my childhood had posted it. This gave me hope that there could be more.

Do you know me?

From 1961 to 1967 I lived on Howe Place close to St. Joseph’s School in St. John’s as Judy Mallard. 

From August 8, 1967 to December 30, 1968 I lived at 2 Norma’s Avenue in Mount Pearl – with James and Mary Dinn.

From December 30, 1968 to 1983 I lived on Manning’s Hill Torbay – both as Judy Nolan and as Judy Mallard. 

I only have a few pictures of my life growing up in Newfoundland which I have included here but I would love to include more.

I welcome any and all images that you may have to help me recapture these memories of my life growing up in Newfoundland. Any information about your picture submissions with respect to content and timeline would also be greatly appreciated.

My targeted date for self-publication Winter 2019 but updates will be posted on my website and posted across my social media – The title of my book is called, “The Match Still Burns” and I’m also hoping that it can be a story that will one day inspire other women.

There are several ways you can send me your pictures.  Via email to:

  • You can also upload and post your via my website Contact page at:  http://www.judithmallard.com/contact/ – there is a form with the option of attaching a copy of your picture. You can even take a picture of your picture with your phone and just upload via our website or email it (You can also upload via the contact form below); AND
  • You can also private message me on Facebook.

My appreciation for your assistance in helping me with this very important project goes way beyond mere words. But I hope that thank you, is a good starting point.

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