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My Creative Writing Journey!

This page is definitely being added to my site so that I can have an outlet in which to share my excitement and enthusiasm as I continue along my journey of finding the necessary tools to allow me, I guess I could say, to fine tune my voice and also provide me with the necessary tools, mentors and guidance as I continue to grow as a writer. Not to mention I so want to brag about and share the programs that I am discovering so that others can check them out too! It’s all about sharing, because knowledge isn’t knowledge until it is shared – IMO of course.


I started on my Creative writing course in July of 2017 at the University of Toronto – I am such a HUGE fan of this program already as I eagerly embark upon my second course. My Target completion date for my Creative Writing Certificate is by end of 2019. #goals


Certificate in Creative Writing – University of Toronto (Enrolled)

You have to check out this program – and the support team for the School of Continuing Studies is pretty awesome – They are always quick to get back to you and answer any and all of your questions.

2282 – Memories into Story: Life Writing – with David Layton (Completed)

Join a community of writers from around the globe to deepen your skills in life writing. This online course explores the nature of memoir and many related genres. Whether you’re writing for personal satisfaction or publication, you’ll learn how to channel your life experiences and memories into your own voice and style. Discover your emotional truth and hone your craft through course readings, exercises and the thought-provoking participation of a guest writer.

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This course in particular was amazing and is going on again this summer – 2018!

3367 – UTM Summer Writing School: Editing Essentials for Writers (Fiction & Memoir) with Diane Terrana (Completed)

  • Diane Terrana, MA, Editor

Diane is the Executive Editor at The Rights Factory, where she works closely with authors to substantively edit novels and memoirs before they go out on submission. She co-publishes Don’t Talk to Me about Love, an online literary journal and is also an author: her YA novel is coming out in Fall 2019 with Orca Books – which you can check out via this link – The World on Either Side



This had to be one of my all-time fave creative programs that runs each year online. I’ve even started a separate page so that I can discuss it in even more details and show some sample assignments that I had completed along with things I had learned and liked about this course. This section is still a work in progress due to a somewhat hectic work schedule but feel free to pop back and check it out to see any new additions – you can find further information via this link – Martha Beck’s Write Into Light Course

Creative Non Fiction Collective Society


As of now I am also a proud member of the Creative Non-Fiction Collective Society – Here is a small excerpt from their very informative website.


For many of us, the label “creative nonfiction” is still somewhat awkward. Also known as literary or narrative nonfiction, the genre is almost as difficult to define as it is to name. It is perhaps easier to start with what creative nonfiction does NOT include: technical or instructional works, conventional newspaper reportage, and nonfiction work characterized by a neutral (so-called objective) third person perspective.



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