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Hi Folks,

This wonderful section of my website has a dual purpose.

Of course, as it is my website I’m going to want to provide updates and teasers about any new books that I am currently working on.

But what I also find very exciting is the opportunity to showcase and boast about other Authors & Writers that I have come across who would like to hang out with me here and chat about the exciting new writing adventures that they are embarking on.  

All author profiles have been posted with the authors permission.

You can find out more via our drop down menu for New Books – page. Each New book summary and introduction will also introduce you to the author and a direct link to where you can purchase their book.

My first Book is targeted for publication in Winter 2019 which is called “The Match Still Burns.”

The Match Still Burns will tell the story of growing up as a ward of children’s services within a broken foster care system in St. John’s Newfoundland – A broken system, which left a lot of broken children.

Due to the depth and nature of this story and wanting to separate from the early defining years to now, I’ve also decided to do a two-part memoir. The first 25 years while in Newfoundland will be covered in “The Match Still Burns”. The second part will talk about the years that came after while also focusing on the effects of taking that journey back through The Match Still Burns.

Book two is called “When Dreams are Broken“. This title came to me in the midst of writing The Match Still Burns. Sometimes I feel as if my story is on a mission all by itself and it is just taking me along to do the typing.

Interestingly enough, as both books are so intricately intertwined, I’m often discovering an uncontrollable need and desire to be writing content for both simultaneously, as each story feeds into the other.

Who am I to argue, let the creative energy go wild.

The Match Still Burns

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