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And Death Will Lose.

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And Death Will Lose

Death and Dying, Bereavement, Loss, Hope

Life. Death.
I wrestle with this. A lot these days.
Especially the death part.
And not out of any morbid curiosity.

I try not to think of what if,

What if this has all been in vain.
I want God himself to tell me,
everything is going to be ok.

But he hasn’t done that yet,

or has he?

Then suddenly one day, you get a call.

She fought a brave battle.
He lived a life well.

But then they’re gone.
They’re just gone.

The pain. The confusion.
This fear that you feel inside.
You can’t see it. You can’t touch it.
At times you can’t even describe it.
But you know it’s there.

Your breath comes in choking gasps,
your heart beats madly in your chest.

You stumble around in the dark, a maze of broken glass.
Every turn, every step more painful than the last.
Nothing makes sense anymore.

We try to help each other.
Whispered collections of jumbled thoughts,
meaningless words.

We’re all seeking understanding, purpose and more importantly hope.
But when we stand on that precipice of pain, of death and dying,
we’re lost – I’m lost.

I don’t have all the answers. Maybe my heart can help.
If it is strong enough to bring me to my knees,
to make me mourn in ways I had thought unimaginable,
then it must be strong enough to help me understand.

Because that is what hurts us the most, we just don’t understand.
And when we don’t understand – we get scared.
We get so scared.

I for one refuse to believe that this pulsating mass,
this beating hearts only purpose, is to cause us pain.

So let’s just stop for a moment and look around.
Really look around.

Can we say with absolute conviction, with total sincerity
that our hearts have only shown us pain?
Do we toss it aside and all that it is capable of,
because we are hurting.
Has it not also shown us… love?

Where would you be, without that love.
Or even the memory of it?

Listen to your heart, yes, but don’t let it reign supreme.
That’s way too much burden to put on it.
It wasn’t created to carry the load alone,
to become the matriarch of your existence.

Because you are more than your heart.
And you are more than your mind.

But when we allow both to exist,
in harmony and with love,
that is when we discover who we truly are,
and all that we are capable of thinking, feeling and doing,
in this precious existence we call life.

You can learn to embrace love even with all its’ foibles,
let downs and losses, chaos and pain.

For it truly is – “better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”

So, find you.
Even when you’re hurting.
And death will lose.


© 2018 Judith Mallard

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Creative Writing - Memoirs, Non-Fiction

Writing True: 14th Annual Creative Nonfiction Collective Conference

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I am very much looking forward to taking in this Creative Conference from May 4th to May 6th, 2018.

If you click on the image below it will take you to their website where there is a lot of information for you to creative writing, memoirs, non fiction, bestsellersreview along with further details about their 14th Annual Conference.

I will definitely be posting more updates and pictures after I attend.

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creative writing, non fiction, memoirs

Write Into Light 2018 – with Martha Beck

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I am beyond enthusiastic to be embarking on yet another exciting path towards my writing career by registering with Martha Beck’s Write Into Light 2018 online course.

creative writing, memoirs, non-fiction

I will definitely be adding additional posts and links to more information as I progress through the writing course. As much as I am excited about doing this program – I’m equally excited to be able to experience it first hand so that I can then share it with others as I discover everything that it has to offer. I would be lost without all the wonderful writers, thinkers and philosophers who share their wisdom and knowledge every single day. It would be remiss of me not to pass that along.


“WRITE INTO LIGHT is the most intimate project I’ve ever created, and the most ambitious. You will learn the art of mining your own experience for wisdom that can genuinely help other people. It’s going to transform you. It’s going to create culture and community. It’s going to change the world. I’m not even kidding.” Martha Beck

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Masking your pain


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I heard you call my name today,

in the whisper of a morning breezMasking your paine

I felt your touch upon my skin,

such a gentle sweet caress.


But then the darkness came,

in all its’ thundering fury

Scoffing at my weakness roaring,

Love is not for one like you.


So I hung my head in shame,

And I trembled in its’ wake

Tears slid down my face,

No heart was left to break.


I saw you walk my way today

with loves’ light in your eyes,

I quickly turned away,

to find my next disguise.




© 2017 Judith Mallard

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This Child

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This Child….Poems about children and love


I watched him stumble

I watched him fall,

I watched him cry

Then laugh through it all.


His delicate features

From his head to his toes,

Soft silky lashes

And a cute freckled nose.


He lights up my life

And brings me such joy,

Finds the simplest of pleasures,

In a rock or a toy.


So when life feels so crazy

And things run so wild,

It is then I must stop

And see the world as this child.



 © 2017 Judith Mallard

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Discovering your Passion

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I think you can only discover your true passion when you take the chance and step into the light. And allow me to elaborate on that.

Though Martha Beck definitely summed it up quite well and accurately in this  quote I have posted below.

creative writing, memoirs, non-fiction, authors and writers

What do you do when you love what you actually do for a living. I’ve got the answer to that – you enjoy it. Recruitment is my passion and as I begin the transition into adding my Writing dreams onto my current career path – I’m torn between excitement and angst (more excitement than angst of course). But it only lasts momentarily as I realize the only thing that ever stood in my way or prevented me from doing the things I wanted to or achieving the things I wanted to do…was me. I read an excerpt which I posted recently (and have included below) – and it is truly the epitome and the core of my belief system (with no attempts of excluding a higher power that also hangs out in that same said universe). It’s about allowing yourself to step into the light and to be patient when also doing so.

As much as we are scared or uncertain – we have to remain steadfast and true to opening ourselves up to taking risks where risks need to be taken. But we can’t keep this to ourselves. You have to share it with others. Why? Well if you get a group of individuals staying alone in their thoughts they stay as individuals. But if those same individuals step out into that Light and collectively create a community of hope, inspiration, brain storming (and the list goes on) – then there is no stopping us. And there are no rigid rules to this “stepping out” – YOU get to choose how much and how you do it. You get to decide on what is your comfort level. Just find your balance and trust in the beauty of you. When living YOUR life you don’t have to adopt someone else’s To do List or someone else’s rules. You have more freedom and power than you realize. So here’s to living your life, taking chances and sharing the knowledge when it needs to be shared and can be shared. Peace & Love.

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